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The responsibility of unrest in karachi since 3 decades lies on ?
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An idea, a conception, an initiative, Pakistan Youth Movement worked upon by a group of professional Pakistanis with a noble cause of valuing the most precious belonging of our nation “Pakistan”.

Think of contributing to the cause of your country! Ignite your spirit and employ. Yes it is still a cause and shall remain so until we make our Pakistan our country in its true sense.

Pakistan needs a movement specifically from the youth. Together it shall UNITE, RISE and ENGAGE.

For joining Pakistan Youth Movement please click on Join us and become a member.

Please note: Pakistan Youth Movement is solely an independent entity and does not belong to any social, political and religious sect or group what so ever.

PYM Line Of Action:




 "Let me give you this word of warning! You will be making the greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be exploited by one political party or another, your main occupation should be in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the STATE, and to devote your attention to your studies"

 Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 1948, Dhaka.

PYM Elite defines our vision as


To UNITE, RISE and ENGAGE together towards a prosperous nation with values, attitude, culture and character as supplements to our ultimate goal of a prosperous and a fair Pakistan.



And our mission


Pakistan Youth Movement shall unite against all odds, rise against the unjust and the atrocities, and engage the enemies of Pakistan and to create stable Pakistan with the help of our nation’s values, our positive attitude and our culture with honesty and integrity as our guiding principles.


Pakistan Youth Movement needs each and every enthusiastic youngster. You are encouraged to register on this site and participate in the forums.
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